November 22-24, 2021, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Pre-Congress Workshops and Education Day: Nov. 21, 2020


November 22-24, 2021, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Pre-Congress Workshops and Education Day: Nov. 21, 2020


Celebrate Occupation. Celebrate Life.

Celebrate Occupation.
Celebrate Life.


We are very happy to welcome everyone to the 7th Asia Pacific Occupational Therapy Congress in Manila in November 2021!

The Congress’ theme “Celebrate Occupation. Celebrate Life,” underscores what the Congress is all about– a celebration and showcase of all the wonderful initiatives by occupational therapists around the world. It is an international venue for occupational therapists to share their innovative researches, projects, methodologies (whether in research or teaching-learning), advocacies, experiences in the groups, communities or populations with whom they work, political action, and leadership. Aside from sharing with each other, this congress aims to afford occupational therapists the opportunity to showcase to the general public how occupational therapy positively impacts, in so many ways, the lives of individuals, groups, communities and populations. This is a step towards realizing our collective vision of making occupational therapy a widely-recognized, valued and celebrated profession in every country around the world!

The Congress will have keynote speakers from within and outside the profession, including a number of persons who have or had family members work with occupational therapists. There will be about 200 oral and poster presentations, and over a dozen workshops (pre-congress and in-congress). The Education Day, that is held a day prior to opening of the Congress, is an excellent opportunity to learn, share and network with occupational therapy educators, administrators, and policy developers.

The Welcome Reception (included in full registration) and Congress Dinner promise to be an exhilarating sampling of Filipino hospitality and fiesta-style celebration! Both will be evenings of watching and engaging in cultural performances (including folk dancing!), feasting on Filipino cuisine, and of course, karaoke!

But it is not just an opportunity for learning, sharing and networking, with our more than 7,100 islands, there is more than enough occupations for you, your family, and friends to engage in before or after the Congress! We invite you to savor and immerse yourselves in the myriad flavors of our cuisines, culture, languages, and landscapes!

Indeed, Occupation is Life! And Occupational Therapy enables living!

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